Region 13’s Club of the Year 2016

Worksop Amateur Radio Society was presented with a certificate and trophy as winners of RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain), Region 13’s Club of the Year (large club) last week.

Our newest licencees accepted the award on behalf of the Club from Jim Stevenson, G0EJQ, RSGB Regional Manager. This is the third year running we have won the regional award and now go on to the final round. We are up against some stiff competition – will it be ‘third time lucky’ or ‘three times a bridesmaid never a bride’ ?

Worksop Amateur Radio Society .

VHF Field Day July 2017

VHF Field Day Report
A great time at the VHF Field Day weekend with 26 members plus family attending, the vast majority camping. The site was great for camping and not bad from a radio perspective so a provisional booking has been made for next year. Generally the weather was kind but radio wise conditions and activity levels were disappointing, although this seemed to be a trend across the UK.

We made the following number of contacts:
6m 63 contacts for 8,535 km
4m 34 contacts for 6,067 km
2m 82 contacts for 18,477 km, best DX DA0FF at 861km
70cm 26 contacts for 4,092 km, best DX DF0MU at 625km
23cm 2 contacts for 25 km
All claimed scores can be seen at…

Did you Know ?

Field Day is an annual amateur radio event in the UK and else where, widely sponsored by IARU regions and member organizations, encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operators.

A group of Amateurs come together to sent up, in this case a VHF (and UHF) Radio station, this is then tested by a 24 hour contest.


Just to let you know that the sponsored boat-pull, (along the Chesterfield Canal), By Members of Worksop Amateur Radio Socity, will have raised £200 for Bassetlaw Hospice after Gift Aid is added. We will be organising a cheque presentation at the Club shortly. Many thanks to the team that did the hard work pulling the narrowboat ‘Dawn Rose’


Also to the the regular Chesterfield Canal Trust volunteers for their help and expertise. Thanks too to those who put their hand in their pocket and sponsored us.

New Amateur Radio Foundation Licence holders June 2017

Amateur Radio Foundation Licence holders.Congratulations to out latest group of successful Amateur Radio Foundation Licence holders.

Following a course held here at G3RCW in Worksop, these people went on to take there Amateur Radio Foundation Licence Exam.

We are very pleased to say that they all passed. Their Licences have now been issued my Ofcom and they have their first call signs.

If you are interested in starting your journey into Amateur Radio, use the contact us option and or come along an visit the club, we look forward to seeing you

Stone the Crows !

special event station

Worksop Amateur Radio Society put on a Special Event Station and Operated a ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) challenge for people to have a go at.

At the 10th Annual Ranskill and Torworth Scarecrow Festival, it was our first time at this Scarecrow Festival and we were made very welcome.

Our Scarecrow

Our Special Event call sign was GB4RSF and we operated from 11:00 to 16:00 (BST)

We held another sucessful Driection finding (ARDF)

We held another sucessful Driection finding (ARDF), we run these events from them to time, there also known as a fox hunt. In our case the ‘Fox’ is either an automatic beacon hidden or more often the case a member of the club with a hand held.

Here are I think – the winning team with the Fox!

Ardf winners 2017

Thanks to everyone who took part, a great time was had by all. Another event soon ?

If you saw any of us running (okay) walking around Worksop and wondered what it was – it was just a case of Radio Amateurs having Fun!

SOS Radio Week 2017

Next week (21st to 29th January) Worksop Amateur Radio Society will, as a registered station, be taking part in SOS Radio Week 2017. We have the Special Event call sign GB4RNLI and will be active from the Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (24th and 26th January) from 7pm and Saturday from 10am until 5pm so listen out for us and give us a call. There are awards to be won if you ‘collect’ SOS Week stations!

What’s SOS Radio Week? Find out here

Excellent video released showing VHF Field day and VHF/ UHF Contesting

vhf field day 2016

You may have read our item on VHF Field Day, well we have produced an excellent, video taken at the weekend of the field day. Showing our VHF / UHF setup and giving you an in site into the friendly world or VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Contesting in the UK.

Many of the members of Worksop Amateur Radio Society take part in the weekly VHF/UHF UKACs run by Amateur Radios Governing Body the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). These are both fun and competitive, and I have to say addictive.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at the video  and tell us what you think.

If you want to take part and are unsure how to start, why not join our friendly club !


Worksop A R S Field Day

Tribute to Richard “Ziggy” Hudson, G1ZIG

Tribute to Richard “Ziggy” Hudson, G1ZIG by Steve G0EAK

After finishing the 2015 contest season in 11th place overall, the Worksop Amateur Radio Society contest team were looking forward to the 2016 season and trying to improve on Club and personal scores.

However, in January this year Steve, G0EAK, one of our seasoned contesters, was unable to take part in the 6m UKAC due to illness and, being a major contributor to the Worksop ARS score, he would be missed. Martin, M0ZMF, decided to “rally the troops” which included persuading Ziggy G1ZIG to participate. Whilst Ziggy was always willing to help out with antenna erection, including events such as VHF Field Day, he was always adamant that he hated contesting. Somehow Martin lured him into taking part in the January 6m contest – we think, perhaps, a newly constructed ‘Martin Special’ 3 element delta beam had something to do with it!

Following the contest, which saw Worksop take 1st place, Ziggy returned to the club saying “I hate you. I always said I hated contests – but I actually enjoyed it” – so much so that he then took part in February without any persuasion.  Sadly, less than a week later he became SK at the age of just 49.

As a tribute to Ziggy, members of Worksop ARS decided to go all out to win the 6m UKAC in March which resulted in 20 members submitting logs and, indeed, the club did win. Albeit under sad circumstances the Club has also won in other ways:

  • A few members who tried contesting for the first time as part of the tribute, have expressed an interest in entering future 6m UKAC’s.
  • Martin, M0ZMF, has developed a small production line of delta beams for 6m and 4m which club members use portable. They use a fibreglass boom with fibreglass fishing poles as spreaders and have no matching stubs. The rest of the materials are easily obtained and the antennas made with hand and power tools that most people will already have.

Delta Beam for 6m

The club first got involved with UKAC in 2013 following a discussion at an open meeting of the club in 2012 – The club met every Tuesday evening and whilst attendance was good (around a third of the 100+ membership) there was very little radio being done, as it was more of a social night. There was a desire from some members to see more radio operation, especially at VHF so Steve, G0EAK, offered to get a VHF station established and, with support from a number of members including Martin, M0ZMF, managed to get some basic antennas for 6m, 2m and 70cm on one rotator.

However, because the club night was Tuesday there was a struggle to get many operators contributing to the club score. The club then decided that to encourage more radio operation and to facilitate tuition, talks etc it would open on a Thursday evening as well. This allowed members to operate from home or /P on a Tuesday evening and attend the club on a Thursday evening which really paid dividends as evidenced by the results in 2015 and 2016 to date.

In 2015 Worksop ARS took part in VHF Field Day for the first time and over the course of the weekend more than 20 club members contributed to the team. As the photograph shows there were 17 members present at the end of the contest. (Ziggy is the one with the black T-shirt in the centre of the picture)

Worksop A R S Field Day

Worksop ARS is now very much on the map in contesting terms and there are so many other benefits to the club and its membership beyond pure contesting.

Indeed, since starting to enter UKAC in 2013 Worksop ARS and the hobby generally has benefited greatly in ways that are not often associated with contesting:

  • The retention rate of members has increased
  • The number of female and young people joining the club has increased
  • The retention of foundation licence holders in the hobby has increased significantly
  • The number of foundation licence holders progressing to intermediate and advanced levels has increased
  • The club is now open Tuesday and Thursday every week with around 60 people attending each week


Hopefully this article will encourage other clubs to embrace contesting to see where it takes them.

(Item Published in Radcom June 2016)



Continued Exam Success at Worksop

1910229_256257171237842_8911862072795415144_nJust before the start of the year we had seven Intermediate candidates, pass their exams and gain their Intermediate Licence.

In the last couple of weeks we have had nine Foundation candidates pass and go on to get their first Amateur Radio Licence and  call sign, its great to hear those candidates on the air.

Since the new year we have been running an Advanced Licence course and its great to be able to report that we now have four new Full Licensees.

As part of the training team, I just like to say that we really enjoy helping members to progress.