Worksop Amateur Radio Society is a registered Exam Center and delivers the full range of Training for Amateur Radio Licence Exams.


Foundation Licence BookThe Foundation licence is your gateway to amateur radio.

The friendly course and exam that leads to the licence provides you with an exciting and enjoyable introduction to the hobby while requiring an acceptable minimum level of skill and experience.

Your Foundation licence is recognized by the UK communications regulator Ofcom and entitles you to take a unique identifier called a callsign which will be used to identify you when you are transmitting.

Our Lead Foundation Tutor is Martin (M0ZMF).




Intermediate Licence; Following on from your Foundation Licence when you have gained experience operating, it may be time for you to move on to an Intermediate Licence.

The Intermediate Licence carries with it more privileges and also more responsibilities on you as a radio amateur.

The main advantage of stepping up to the Intermediate Licence is the increase in permitted operating power.

You will be able to go from the 10 watts of the Foundation Licence, up to 50 watts as an Intermediate Licence holder.

Our Lead Intermediate Tutor is Paul (M0PJA).




Full Licence bookThe Full Licence; You will have worked hard to get your amateur radio licence, and have progressed through to being an Intermediate Licence holder. Consolidating your learning.

Maybe you are ready now to take on the UK’s ultimate amateur radio qualification: the Advanced Radio Communications exam leading to the issuing of a Full Licence.

A lot of privileges and responsibilities come with a Full Licence, not least from the fact that you will be able to transmit at up to 400 watts of power.

You will also receive with your Full Licence the ability to legally transmit from almost every country in the world. Our Lead Full Licence Tutor is John M0JAV.

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The Licence books shown above can be purchased from the RSGB Shop.