Worksop Amateur Radio Society is a registered Exam Center, we have exams taking place around the year. If you are looking for a venue to take an exam please contact us. If there are a number of you wanting to take an exam please contact us as we will be able to help.

As of October 2019, we have operated our first successful online exams, all the candidates who took the online exams said that they were much easier the there paper counterpart, and you get your result at the end of the exam, just after you press submit.

Please contact our helpful Committee who will be sure to help.

Exam Fees are detailed on the RSGB web site, there may be an additional Fee from ourselves to cover the cost of opening the venue and getting the members to staff the exam.

For details of resources exam forms etc please click here (opens external content).

Please check our What’s On page for exam dates