Worksop Amateur Radio Society History

The following information was taken from our former web site.

Information supplied by George Pool G0DKQ

For many years Worksop Amateur Radio Society, like many other clubs had no permanent venue, moving from pub to pub, room to room carrying their radio gear and equipment with them.

In 1985 the then President George Pool G0DKQ together with the Secretary Mrs Carol Gee G4ZUN approached the Worksop Council with the intention of obtaining a building whatever its condition, to renovate into a permanent clubhouse.

A £1000 was the first figure asked for? it was only after George requested an interview to discuss this with the Mayor at that time Mr Sam Slack that an agreement was reached, this being that if the club members could do all the renovation required themselves, they could have the building on a 99 year lease at a rent of one pound per year.

The members of the club soon realised that a lot of money was required to complete this undertaking, again the Council came to the rescue with a £6000 grant to the club.

What an enormous task had been taken on by the club. George Pool drew up the plans work could  now begin.

Volunteers were called for but firstly the building had to be made safe to work in. The roof was made waterproof and re-tiled, next the upper floor which had fallen in had to be replaced.

Many Materials including slates and bricks by the thousand,plaster and timber all had to be sourced and brought in from somewhere.
Once the structure of the main building was complete and every wall and ceiling had been renovated and plastered, then came the difficult part, new toilet block and wash facilities had to be built on the right of the building together with a bar and entrance hall to the left.

Many hours of laborious work in all weathers were put in, rain, snow or blow the work went on.

A note from the President at this time:

I would like to give thanks to the members that gave their energy, time and help with this project.

Eddie Davis, G0CNM for his ability and help in all matters.
Colin Cooper, for his outstanding commitment.
Yvonne, Collin’s wife who did everything from bricklaying to laying drains.
John Richardson, G0IAZ for work in all departments.

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