Local Repeaters

Local Amateur Radio Repeaters

While Worksop Amateur Radio Society, does not operate Repeaters, some member of the Society do. We are very privileged to be the host location for GB3DS.

Local Repeaters

(operated by Society Members or Groups Not the Amateur Radio Society)




APRS Digipeaters and Igates

MB7RWR – this is an APRS Igate that operates from the Amateur Radio Society building in Worksop, it is Raspberry Pi based and uses an RTL-SDR Dongle. It uses the PIMONAPRS Software.

MB7UWR – This is an APRS Digipeater, run by one of our members, this is also based on a Raspberry PI and uses the PI-TNC coupled with a Yaesu Radio. It uses the Direwolf Software.

To view APRS items please visit https://aprs.fi/#!addr=worksop

If you would like more information on APRS please contact Paul (M0PJA)

Some Notes on Repeater Etiquette.


Issued by the Worksop Repeater Group

Before using a repeater make sure it is clear and nobody is using it.

When in a QSO with another station you will hear a courtesy tone after a carrier is dropped. ( This can be a pip or double pip or a “K”)

This courtesy tone is what it means and allows stations to break in and it gives a respectful operation to communication.

The courtesy tone also resets the repeater time out period which is usually 5 minutes. If the repeater is operated for more than that time the repeater will close down.

If you want to break in wait for a courtesy tone and say your call sign.

In some areas, you should wait for the courtesy tone and a further pip before continuing with the QSO.


If a repeater is linked then the courtesy tone is not enough when using the link as the internet takes time to convey messages. In this case

WAIT FOR 3 SECONDS before going back to the station.

Always ANNOUNCE yourself before using a link.

To access the node in IRLP just dial the number and wait, for echo link put a hash before the number. To close a link dial “73”.

You cannot use the repeater while the link is in control of the repeater.

IF you connect to a Reflector be extra careful as these can be very busy and the American moderators can be very unforgiving.

Never leave a link open unless you have the permission of the Repeater Keeper.

Remember if you are using CTCSS Decode on your receiver then you will not hear any pips or tones and you will have to estimate time intervals.

Obviously, use the repeater as normal when the repeater is not linked.

Do not over-call on the repeater as this annoys listeners and do not keep blipping the repeater. Make sure you do not over modulate as this can affect the subtone and cut you out when using the link.

On GB3XN use “0” to check link status, *2 for time, *7 for info file.


If you hear abuse on the repeater, please do not respond to it. Try not to say much about it as the abusers like to hear that the abuse is having an effect.

Inform the Repeater Keeper at a later time with input readings and times.