Beyond Exams First Silver Cert Jan 2020

Silver cert

Many congratulations to Gary Swift (M0ONI) on being the first Radio Society Member to be awarded a Silver Beyond Exams Certificate.

Gary has put on a lot of effort into the scheme and its great to see it pay off.

We are privileged to be taking part in the scheme pilot, on behalf of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Currently, 13 radio society members have registered, with Beyond Exams, and three Bronze and one Silver Certificate has been awarded.

To Register All Worksop Radio Society Members need to do is to send an email to BE [at]  with their call sign and name. Full details will be sent to you.

Once you have completed sufficient activities to gain an award then you also need to send details to Carol Archer 2e0XCA who is our Worksop Radio Society Scheme champion. Carol can also help you with any questions you might have.

The RSGB is looking for feedback on the Beyond Exams Scheme, by Jan 17th, 2020. Please send that via Carol.



Beyond Exams Jan 2020

Bronze Cert PJABeyond Exams

As members of the Worksop Amateur Radio Society will be aware we are running a pilot of the RSGBs Beyond Exams.

Its good to hear of so many members taking part

Congratulations to Gary M0ONI and Paul, M0PJA on being the first to gain a Bronze Certificate.

If not too late for you to get started, please see the Notice Board or Member’s Facebook page, for the full details.

Registration is simple and quick you just need to send your name and call sign to the email address advertised.


We need to give feedback on the scheme to Carol 2E0XCA by the 17th of Jan 2020, please.